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10 Unique Wedding Cake Flavors to Consider for Your Big Day

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake by A Love For Cakes

Wedding bells and an amazing wedding sweet smell everywhere. It must have been a few weeks since you have been engaged, right? So now, you are planning to get married. Wedding planning requires loads and loads of planning and tasks to be done. For a complete guide on wedding planning tasks and timelines, you can read our blog post on the wedding timeline.

Ideally, wedding cake planning should be done 6-7 months before your wedding months but it does require significant planning and pre-prep. When you and your spouse are unique and your love story is one of a kind, you would definitely want to boldly state that interesting aspect of your lives at your wedding because why not? Traditionally, wedding cake flavors are generic vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet. But you can opt for unique wedding cake flavors too. Hence, there are ways where you can either amp up your cake game to the next level by mixing and matching some flavors within them. Or you can go for a very different, very unique, one-of-kind flavor for your unique wedding cake that no one -probably- has ever done because again, why not?

There are definitely couples who go down this route, like cake designer Jasmine de Lung told "I've been so happy to see more teas, herbs, and ingredients that are typically considered for savory food incorporated into wedding cake flavors," says de Lung. She then talks about a menu full of options like blue cheese, earl gray tea, sesame, coriander, and feta, and, one-of-a-kind unique wedding cake flavors that nudge clients out of their comfort zones.

Swerving from the traditional white wedding cake with generic flavors, we are listing some of the unique wedding cake flavor ideas that will look, taste, and even feel good on your wedding cake.

Pink Champagne

A vanilla layer cake infused with pink champagne, which is really rose champagne, then blanketed with a champagne buttercream frosting. For fancy and dressier weddings with a white-collar dinner theme, this wedding cake is perfect to be served for dessert.

Hazelnut Almond Dacquoise

Hazelnut Almond Cake layers made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or ground hazelnuts with delicious hazelnut buttercream and decorated with chopped toasted hazelnuts to give some smoked crunch.

Spiked Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake
Photo by Amirali Mirhashemian from Unsplash

A traditional red velvet luscious, rich and decadent cake taken up a notch with a tangy, airy frosting that doesn't fit the mold of a traditional red velvet cake with the added bonus of booze! In the cake and in the icing. This booze won’t get you high but the amazing cake and moreish flavors will make you crave for more.

Coffee and Cream

Whether you're grabbing something on the go, working out of the office, or settling down to catch up with friends, there is no denying that cake will provide the perfect accompaniment to your coffee. So what if we combine both favorite goodies in one? A coffee-flavored cake with creamy frosting on top!

Vanilla Caramel

An indulgent caramel cake with fluffy layers of vanilla cake drizzled with homemade salted caramel, frosted with salted caramel buttercream. Take it up a couple of notches by adding crushed almonds to give it some crunch. This cake is a couple of steps ahead of the traditional vanilla cake.

Tropical Guava

A classic Hawaiian dessert for a beachy wedding. The cake has a light and tender crumb. The frosting is made with guava as well as cream cheese. It is sweet, tart, and tropical. The guava gel is so easy to make and adds that extra layer of guava goodness to the cake.

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl

You don’t want a very other-worldly flavor but you are confused between going for vanilla vs. chocolate wedding cake? Well, here is an idea. Why choose one when you can have both? This chocolate and vanilla swirl combines the best of both worlds. With the richness and deputy of chocolate coupled with the lightness and sweetness of vanilla, this will feel like heaven dancing in your mouth. This is a unique twist to these traditional wedding cake flavors.

Cookie Dough

Nowadays there are couples who totally skip out on the wedding cake and opt for an alternate wedding dessert. One of the options as an alternative is cookies. Now, it could be because cookies are eaten and loved more than cakes, or maybe, the couple just loves cookies, in either case, the wedding dessert ends up having an assortment of cookies. However, if you are the latter who absolutely loves their daily cookie dose but don’t want to skimp out on their wedding cake, this wedding cake flavor is entirely for you! It combines your ultimate cookie love in a cake and presents it in a beautiful way at your wedding.

Black Forest

Black Forest Cake
Photo by Jacob Thomas from Unsplash

Black Forest Cake combines rich chocolate cake layers with fresh cherries, cherry liqueur, and a simply whipped cream frosting. It looks regal, elegant and so very fancy for your very-fancy wedding. And if the theme of your wedding is a forest or garden party, this will surely win hearts all around.

Spiced Hot Chocolate

This spicy chocolate cake is topped with earthy chocolate buttercream. It is moist, airy, and intensely chocolatey with a slight buttermilk tang that cuts through the richness of the frosting and makes the cake taste light. It has a hint of cinnamon and a faint aftertaste of spicy and comforting cayenne pepper. If you are a fan of spice in desserts and want some more kick, you can level up your spice game in the cake by adding some more pepper. But make sure it is palatable for your guests too!


Tiramisu Wedding Cake Flavor
Photo by Didi Miam from Unsplash

Tiramisu Cake is made of moist and fluffy vanilla layers soaked with a mixture of brandy, coffee liqueur, and espresso. It is filled with irresistibly creamy coffee mascarpone cream. This cake delivers a fancy taste without the need for fancy work and effort. For couples fantasizing about a wedding in Italy but unable to afford it, you can surely afford to bring the taste of Italy to your wedding through this wedding cake flavor.

Undoubtedly, the above wedding cake flavors are all one of a kind and each one has a unique touch, but not every bakery can make a masterpiece out of it. We recommend A Love For Cakes for your customized and unique wedding cakes. Whether you want a cake with a savory undertone or an extra sweet and rich cake with light texture, our bakers at A Love For Cakes can do it all. They are seasoned professionals, working in this field for several years. Our bakery uses the finest ingredients for your wedding cakes and can customize them however you want. All you have to do is bring your ideas and imagination and our bakers will do it all for you.

For inquiries and further information, contact us or visit our website.

Summer Wedding Cakes

Summer is the season of weddings. As the sun gets brighter and the sky becomes more vibrant and clear, it feels as if nature is becoming warmer and welcoming the new change. Hence, it's time to welcome the new phase of your life as well. The relatively warm weather is good to enjoy the festivities and especially outdoor weddings.

Now, summer calls for wedding cakes that equally embrace the sense of warmth as the weather. Your cake should not only reflect the theme of your wedding but also the gentle and welcoming summer weather. Usually, summer cakes are light and flavourful. Some couples like to have a little punch in it as well. The usual flavors couples are opting for nowadays are citrus, berries, fresh fruits, and tropical with fresh flowers, and herbs as decoration. The pastels, or bright oranges, shades of yellows, and corals are all the rage as colors.

Pastels are soothing to the eyes, like green and white with a slight hint of gold, and look absolutely elegant. A white plain cake with coral and bright pink fresh flowers cascading down the side look refreshing on a hot day. Berries and fresh fruits on wedding cakes give that much-needed pop of color and freshness to a summer cake. Semi-naked cake layered with buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers, fruits, or berries gives a rustic feel to the wedding.


"Berries and citrus flavors are especially delicious in the summertime," suggests wedding planning expert Allison Davis of Davis Row. "Typically these flavor combinations are light enough to work for even the warmest days and nights." - The Knot

The usual and most common summer cake flavors are lemon, berries, pineapple, tropical, mango, strawberry, and any seasonal fruit.

To learn more about summer wedding cakes and ideas for them, read our blog on summer wedding cakes.

How to Choose The Best Wedding Cake Flavors?

1. Your Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding has a lot of say in what aesthetic you want for your wedding cake. This then further relates to the flavor, frosting, and decoration of the cake. If the wedding is a garden party, vintage or a barn wedding, or maybe dark gothic style, your cake should reflect the same outlook. It should have elements that will tie it together with the rest of the wedding.

2. Your Wedding’s Time

When is your wedding happening is a factor that should also be calculated when choosing the wedding cake flavor. Different seasons call for different flavor options. If you are having ginger spice and cinnamon cake at a summer wedding, while it may be delicious, it will be very out-of-place for the summer wedding because ginger spice and cinnamon are winter flavors. Hence, you need to have the wedding time of year down to select the best-suited flavor for your wedding.

3. Your Favorite Flavors

This is as important as the rest because if you, yourself, do not like your wedding cake at your own wedding then what good is it? When you have your wedding vision sorted, list down your favorite flavors that you would like to see in your wedding cake. You can then work around it with your baker.

4. Your Budget

The most important factor ever. For exquisite flavors with exotic ingredients, the cost is very high. If your cake has very intricate details, or the decoration needs a lot of effort from the baker and the team, then the cost will definitely sky-rocket. So share your budget with the baker because they have the best idea about what works best in the given budget.

Also, if you are opting to hire a high-end bakery, then even a traditional generic wedding cake will have a higher budget than the same cake is normally valued bakeries.

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