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5 Important Considerations for Your Outdoor Custom Wedding Cake

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

One tier rustic buttercream finished Wedding Cake
Rustic outdoor wedding cake

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, and one of the most delightful aspects is choosing the perfect wedding cake. If you're dreaming of an outdoor wedding celebration, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind to ensure your cake remains beautiful, delicious, and intact throughout your special day. In this blog post, we'll explore five important considerations to help you have a stunning outdoor Custom Cake that is both memorable and stress-free.

1. Weatherproof Design:

When selecting your wedding cake, it's crucial to consider the weather conditions at your outdoor venue. If you're having a summer wedding, bear in mind that high temperatures and humidity can cause buttercream to melt and fondant to get sticky. Chose less intricate designs that cannot drip and smudge. Typically more rustic designs will withhold outdoor challenges better then fine details. Also talk to your venue about what options they have for providing shade or covering the cake to protect it from direct sunlight or unexpected rain showers. 2. Sturdy Construction: Outdoor settings can pose unique challenges for a wedding cake's structural integrity. Ensure that your chosen cake design is sturdy enough to withstand potential wind or movement during transportation. Multi-tiered cakes should be securely assembled, and consider using dowels or other support systems to prevent any collapsing or toppling. Collaborating with a skilled and experienced baker who is well-versed in outdoor events is highly recommended. 3. Flavors that Beat the Heat: The choice of cake flavors can greatly impact your guests' enjoyment, especially when outdoor temperatures rise. Lighter, refreshing flavors like citrus, berries, or tropical fruits can be a delightful choice for warm weather weddings. Consider incorporating fruit fillings or mousses to add a burst of freshness. Discuss these options with your baker to ensure the flavors complement your outdoor ambiance and make your guests swoon.

4. Insect and Pest Control: While outdoor weddings are enchanting, they come with the possibility of uninvited guests—bugs and pests. To protect your cake from unwanted visitors, work closely with your venue to implement insect and pest control measures. Request assistance from professionals to create a perimeter or deploy discreet repellents around the cake table. Ensuring a bug-free environment will help keep your cake safe and free from any contamination.

5. Timing is Key: Timing is everything when it comes to an outdoor wedding cake. Coordinate with your baker, caterer, and venue to ensure the cake arrives at the perfect moment. Extreme temperatures can affect the stability and appearance of your cake, so aim to have it set up as close to the reception as possible. Communicate clearly with your team to avoid any unnecessary delays or exposure to unfavorable weather conditions.

Conclusion: An outdoor wedding cake can be a stunning centerpiece, adding beauty and sweetness to your special day. By considering factors such as weatherproof design, sturdy construction, appropriate flavors, insect control, and careful timing, you can ensure that your cake remains a memorable and delightful part of your outdoor wedding celebration. Collaborate with your baker, plan meticulously, and enjoy every sweet moment as you embark on your lifelong journey together.

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