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Top 10 Most Common Wedding Planning Problems And Their Solutions

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A wedding is one of the major events of your life. It is a big day that celebrates your happiness and the start of a new phase. Just like any other grand day, weddings are also prone to become a mess or end up as a disaster, if not planned right. A perfect wedding happens with a perfect plan. Before you start planning your wedding, you need to be aware of the various problems that you can face during the planning stage. Whether it's an outdoor wedding, a destination getaway, or a themed one, all these have some common wedding planning problems that can be fixed with a little insight and timely management.

Refer to this list of the most common wedding planning problems that brides may face while planning their wedding along with their solutions:

1. Going Beyond The Wedding Budget

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The most fundamental part of wedding planning is your budget. You are not even halfway through your planning when you come to the horrible realization of being short on money and so much of your work still needs to be done! Whether it's you and your partner paying or your family contributing, your expenses need to be discussed and outlined together so everyone is on the same page. Budgeting stems from going overboard on your expenses or blowing it up at a single thing. There are also times when you tend to overlook trivial tasks and these take up a lot of your money.

The best way to handle this task is to plan a day, call a meeting of the decision-makers and make a firm budget that you will stick to no matter what. You can also opt to use a wedding planner that helps you keep tabs on your tasks and the expenditure that come with them.

2. Forgoing The Wedding Planner to DIY

Do you feel like DIY wedding planning because your favorite YouTuber did the same? Or do you want to turn your Insta savvy friend into your wedding photographer? Well, don’t. Planning a wedding is a serious business, one that requires meticulous planning and handling of affairs by professionals. While planning your wedding may sound fun and seem easier, it is a tedious task that can quickly turn into a messy affair. If you take on the management of your wedding yourself, it will require spending quite some time on the venue and set up on your big day when you are supposed to be relaxing and getting ready.

Hence, to skip out on a professional wedding planner or event manager altogether will be a big flaw on your part. It's better to hire professionals and let them handle the job. They deal with last-minute vendor meetings, changes in plans, and damage control. There are event planners who charge hourly so they do not lay too heavy on your budget.

3. The Wedding Guestlist

Most Common Wedding Planning Problems Wedding Guest List
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Always book your venue after you are done making the guest lists so you have an idea of how many people you are inviting and how many can accommodate in it. From your guests, do not think that everyone will reply and confirm their presence because many don’t.

This is a tricky bit of wedding planning. The guest list is hard to make because not only do you have to look around to find a venue big enough to accommodate them but also your budget should be considered as well. If the venue is smaller and the number of guests is greater, it gets stuffy during the party ad nobody gets to enjoy it. Sometimes, guests even bring a plus one when they are not supposed to, and that's when you cannot do anything. So if your booked venue can accommodate 300 guests remove 10 % of them and consider them to be the actual number of guests you can bring there. This helps to keep an extra bit of margin.

Always book your venue after you are done making the guest list so you have an idea of how many people you are inviting and how many can accommodate in it. From your guests, do not think that everyone will reply and confirm their presence because many don’t.

4. Choose Your Entourage Wisely

Bridal Entourage
Photo by Gift Habeshaw from Unsplash

Choosing like-minded and understanding people for your bridal party is extremely important. These are the people who give you advice regarding everything in your wedding from the dress to the rest. They will be the hosts of your bachelorette party and your bridal showers. They will be the ones who will help you through your stressful phase and they will be there when you need helping hands. However, remember that this is your big day and your time to shine. You get to decide above all about what you want for your dream wedding so do not be pressurized or have overbearing people in your bridal party. Do not please the people but yourself.

So a bridal party with the best of the family and friends who always have your best interests at the heart is important.

5. The Ultimate Wedding Venue

Common wedding planning problems - Wedding venue
Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri

This is the most important part of the wedding planning stage secondary to your wedding budget, and one of the common wedding planning problems that brides face when planning their wedding. When you are deciding on a venue there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Your wedding venue should be according to the theme of your wedding, and it should be according to the number of your guests, neither too big nor too small to accommodate everyone. It should have enough space for everyone to enjoy the celebration, dance freely, and have their meals comfortably. Most importantly, it should be on par with the budget you have allotted for it.

6. Keep The Weather In Plan

Weather is never your friend, especially for an outdoor event, and that is the worst problem you can face on your big day. Your wedding day can turn into a big mess if this small detail is left in the dark. You risk ruining all your decor and venue, your dress gets wet, and your guests are unhappy and ready to hit home.

Couple In The Rain
Photo by Joel Overbeck from Unsplash

Losing your happy day to the weather is the worst because it gets out of your control. Always keep a backup plan at hand for adversities of this sort. Keep a tent booked in advance, whether you may or may not need it. You can also arrange for a separate indoor area for guests to enjoy their cocktails. Another thing you can do is to keep rain supplies, like boots and blankets for your guests to have fun and keep warm whilst it rains.

7. The Wedding Cake

Let's talk about the wedding cake. The one thing that needs to be seen, given attention to, and eaten as well. Wedding cakes take the spotlight at any wedding. Their making requires so much effort, planning, and hard work that to pay it off it should be eaten and relished with as much love and care. It needs to be mouthwatering, delicious, juicy, moist, gooey, moreish, flavourful, packs punch in a bite, and make your guests taste heaven.

When you think of wedding cake problems, several of them can come to mind. They taste bland. They are not made to match up to your theme. The ingredients used are not on par with what the bakery had promised. They don't come up to your expectations. You may have ordered them too late. Or most importantly, good ones are so costly, that they can drill a hole in your budget.

For all the above-listed problems, we recommend A Love For Cakes which is a New-York based custom wedding cake bakery that is sure to satisfy all your expectations regarding your dream wedding cake. Their cakes are made with the finest ingredients and baked with care and affection by seasoned bakers who are the best at their jobs. A Love For Cakes delivers what it promises and you are sure to fall in love with it. So make sure to check them out, they will have a solution to any of your wedding cake problems.

Need some help? Get in touch with us to find out more about wedding cake FAQs, and catering options.

8. Managing Your Timeline

Time is a crucial part of planning a wedding. From your dress, hair, and makeup, to invitations, florists, catering, decoration of the venue, and set up, everything needs to be tightly managed and scheduled. Because so many people and businesses are involved in your wedding, keeping appointments and being on time is not only important but also shows respect to the people involved and their time.

To develop a schedule of everything and every task that needs to be done with your partner and wedding planner. Make sure to communicate your itinerary to your relatives and friends who will be either helping you or attending your wedding. Always add in extra time to the initially calculated time you require.

Even then if a few things do fall slightly behind then don’t stress over it. Live your day with a few imperfections because happiness is what matters!

9. Prepare an Emergency Bag

Most Common Wedding Planning Problems
Photo by Gift Habeshaw from Unsplash

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Even at weddings. Your white dress can have a stain from the makeup or you may accidentally spill the wine down your torso. Maybe your dress got a rip or a nick while trying to fit in. On hot days, your makeup may need constant touch-ups and fixing.

To deal with situations as such prepare a bag with you with all the necessities that will help you in these times. Keep a travel sewing kit, tissues, blotting paper, nude lipstick, some basic makeup you can use to freshen up, a facial mist to feel refreshed, band-aids for cuts or feet blisters, painkillers, and a stain remover pen. These things are sure to be handy if ever you end up in a bad situation that can potentially come in the way of your enjoyment.

10. Stop Micromanaging Everything

When you are hiring professionals, it is to let off some burden from your shoulders and give you relief in the wedding planning process. These are experts, well-versed in their respective fields. They understand your vision and your approach so it's important to let them do their job. Since it is your wedding, you are bound to be tempted to look into the tiniest detail. But micromanaging vendors, planners, or even family and friends can add to your stress. Furthermore, it makes your vendors feel detached from your team which reduces the quality of work and the effort they put in.

The best way is to step back a little and have them do their thing. So after you have communicated your point and interests across, let them handle the rest while you sit back and relax for your special day.

Why is it important to plan your wedding?

Weddings are extremely serious business. It is one day of your life that requires much thought, time, and money invested into it. Not only are you emotionally devoted to it but so are your close ones. Imagine all your happiness vanishing in an instant because the DJ failed to have your song on the playlist. Or to have the whole event messed up because the vendors bailed at the last minute. Maybe the weather on your big day is not so friendly. Or perhaps, the bridal party shuttle broke down on the way. There are so many wedding planning problems, big and small, that you can’t deal with alone on your big day. You are supposed to relax and get rid of those tension lines on your forehead. Therefore, it is much more important to plan ahead of time in case of problems like these and let a professional deal with them.

The few hours of the wedding celebration and merry-making require so much hard work and effort from multiple people and businesses that to end up as a failure will be devastating to the bride and the groom. Hence, wedding planning should be done with the help of a professional wedding planner or event organizer. They are seasoned experts and are always up-to-date with the ongoing trends. They catch on to your vision precisely. They have time managing skills and a meticulous work ethic so that your wedding is stress-free for you and enjoyable for your guests. Wedding planners deal with all kinds of last-minute situations and damage control so you can relish in the festivities and cherish your moment for a lifetime.

Wedding Union
photo by Alvin Mahmudov from Unsplash

When is the right time to start planning your wedding?

The right time to plan a wedding is when you and your partner are comfortable and decide to take a step further. It could be in a year, several months, some weeks, or even a few days if you want to elope. But, according to experts, on average, wedding planning should be started a year before. You should have enough time to plan your wedding along with a margin for a break and your honeymoon as well. Instead of jumping right into the planning stage after getting engaged, take a month or so to relish and enjoy the newly engaged era. Be comfortable with each other and get to learn more about your partner. Take a little rest because believe me, planning a wedding will take up a lot of your time and energy.

Once you are mentally prepared to step into the wedding planning stage, first and foremost, do your research about the problems you may face. Our blog on common wedding problems and their solutions will surely give you a glimpse into the common wedding problems you can face whilst giving solutions as well.

When you are done with your research about the problems, hire your vendors and a professional wedding planner. This will take off much stress from your shoulders. With your wedding planner, make a timeline of your tasks and a checklist of what needs to be done. The timeline will help you manage and divide your time evenly throughout the whole planning process whereas your checklist will keep you updated on things that are completed and tasks that are pending. It will also help you to categorize your priority tasks. Now, you will be able to relax a bit and focus on some of the tasks that require more of your attention like the wedding dress and wedding cake.

Wedding Checklist
Photo by Marcus Winkler from Unsplash

A wedding dress takes quite a lot of time to be made and successive fitting sessions later on. You also need to maintain your diet and weight throughout. For wedding cakes, we recommend A Love For Cakes which does the best custom wedding cakes in NYC. It uses the finest ingredients in its cakes and the seasoned bakers there ensure that the cake is made to your perfect vision.

Sometimes there come situations when you have to suddenly change your plans or postpone your wedding, like the recent COVID pandemic. A year, in this way, is ideal to plan a perfect wedding. You have a margin to plan ahead of time and in case of sudden changes, you have time to think of a backup plan.

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