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Top 10 Simple Summer Wedding Cakes In 2022

Updated: May 19, 2022

Custom summer wedding cakes by A Love for Cakes NYC
Photo by Miriam Salgado

Summer is the season of weddings. The relatively warm weather is good to enjoy the festivities and especially at outdoor weddings. The weather is like the favorite season to get married for everyone. As the sun gets brighter and the sky becomes more vibrant and clear, it feels as if nature is becoming warmer and welcoming the new change. Hence, it's time to welcome the new phase of your life as well.

Now, summer calls for wedding cakes that equally embrace the sense of warmth as the weather. Your cake should not only reflect the theme of your wedding but also the gentle and welcoming summer weather. Usually, summer cakes are light and flavourful. Some couples like to have a little punch in it as well. The usual flavors couples are opting for nowadays are citrus, berries, fresh fruits, and tropical with fresh flowers, and herbs as decoration. The pastels, or bright oranges, shades of yellows, and corals are all the rage as colors.

Pastels are soothing to the eyes, like green and white with a slight hint of gold look absolutely elegant. A white plain cake with coral and bright pink fresh flowers cascading down the side look refreshing on a hot day. Berries and fresh fruits on wedding cakes give that much-needed pop of color and freshness to a summer cake. Semi-naked cake layered with buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers, fruits, or berries gives a rustic feel to the wedding.


"Berries and citrus flavors are especially delicious in the summertime," suggests wedding planning expert Allison Davis of Davis Row. "Typically these flavor combinations are light enough to work for even the warmest days and nights." - The Knot

The usual and most common summer cake flavors are lemon, berries, pineapple, tropical, mango, strawberry, and any seasonal fruit.


While summers are good for an outdoor or beach wedding because of the increased temperature and the sunny sky. However, this raised temperature is notorious for ruining wedding cakes if left under the sun for too long. Your icing, frosting, and filling can melt in the heat and disfigure your beautiful cake. So, in summer, wedding cakes need extra care and attention to remain in perfect shape and flavor until the cutting ceremony.

It's ideal to talk to your wedding planner and your baker to work out the best timeline for your wedding cake delivery. To have it delivered just before the ceremony is the best option. If you have fresh flower decoration then you can ask your baker to have it done at the venue itself.

You can also ask the venue manager to have a setup at the venue where your cake can be stored and cooled until the ceremony.

Some couples nowadays also opt to have a faux cake, made of Styrofoam, for their ceremony and pictures. This saves all the hassle of a setup and tight time management. The actual cake for dessert sits nicely in the kitchen until it is time to serve.

"Talk to your cake artist about the setting of your wedding and the storage options for the cake. If the cake can be refrigerated until just before it's sliced, you're golden. If it's going to be on display in the sun all day, that changes things," says Davis. Even once it's delivered, have the catering team keep it somewhere cool until just before guests arrive to preserve the integrity and design of the tiered dessert. Davis adds that "the safest bet for the hottest days is a faux cake: it won't melt, collapse, or anything else you're afraid of. The real cake stays safe in the kitchen." - The Knot


Now, onto the exciting part, that is the design elements that go into the cake and how it looks to the eye. In summers, there are lots of options to think outside the box. The summer wedding cakes have a great margin to play around with creativity, colors, and textures. A traditional white cake is, of course, a winner always but summer allows you to play around and add a little fun to that white traditional wedding cake.

We recommend A Love For Cakes for your fun and customized summer wedding cakes. Whether you want a cake with fresh fruits or large fresh flowers for a garden wedding vibe or a semi-naked cake with berries and fruits for a rustic barn wedding, our bakers at A Love For Cakes can do it all. They are seasoned professionals, working in this field for several years. Our bakery uses the finest ingredients for your wedding cakes and can customize them however the way you want. All you have to do is bring your ideas and imagination and our bakers will do it all for you.

For further information or any queries, visit our website for FAQs or contact us.

Below we will list some of the ideas for summer cakes that you can get inspiration from for your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake With Large Colorful Flowers
Photo by Filipp Romanovski from Unsplash

1. Yellow Wedding Cake With Large Fresh Flowers

Hand-painted citrus motifs on yellow frosting with large fresh orange flowers and dried orange slices.

2. White Wedding Cake With Rainbow Cake Topper

A statement rainbow cake topper on a two-tiered white wedding confetti cake.

3. Two-Tier White Cake With Red Anemone Cake Topper

A two-tiered traditional white wedding cake with stunning flowers to make a statement which is the red anemone in this case.

Traditional Wedding Cake with Statement Flower
Photo by Christina Victoria Crafts from Unsplash

4. Blue Watercolor or Traditional Wedding Cake With Tropical Leaves And Bright Flowers

Blue hand-painted watercolor motifs with tropical-inspired, leaves, and grass for decoration. Another option is to go for a wedding cake with large bright blooms cascading down the cake.

5. Retro-Inspired Teal Wedding Cake

If you are a big fan of the retro and disco era then this cake is for you. A retro-themed wedding cake in teal frosting and gold rims in a disordered fashion.

6. Wedding Cake With Pressed Flowers

Traditional white or blush pink wedding cake with pressed flowers and leaves for an added whimsical touch.

7. Chocolate Wedding Cake With Fresh Bougainvillea

A three-tiered chocolate wedding cake with chocolate frosting dripping down the sides. Full blooming bougainvillea scattered all over the cake giving it a pop of color on a dark background. This cake is for chocolate lovers. You can also add some gold accents to this cake to make it more glammed up.

8. Modern Pastel-Hued Wedding Cake With Chocolate Shards

A contemporary take on abstract art in a wedding cake. Neutral or pastel frosting with frozen chocolate shards made of different kinds of chocolate.

Contemporary Wedding Cake
Photo by Katie Rosario from Unsplash

9. Naked or Semi-naked Cake With Fresh Fruits, Berries or Flowers

Naked Wedding Cake
Photo by Pia Rohrer from Unsplash

Naked cake with large, bright statement flowers or herbs for a garden-themed wedding.

Another option is to go for a semi-naked cake with white frosting layered in between along with fresh berries or fruits.

10. Patterned Pastel Blue Wedding Cake With Pheasant Feathers

Hand-painted or patterned pastel blue cake with the minimalist decoration of pheasant feathers and gold and silver dots all over.

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