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How much do your cakes cost?

All of our custom cakes are priced out on an individual basis, so we will work with you to figure out exactly what will work for your guest count and budget. Generally, the cost of a custom cake gets determined by size and design. We have a starting price of $180+ tax (8.75%) and credit card fee (3.5%) for 1 tier designs and $210+ tax (8.875%) and credit card fee (3.5%) for 2 tier designs. Your invoice will clearly state how much the extra fees will amount to. 

What size will I need? 

One tier designs can range from 10 servings up to 50. We recommend to go for two tiers for a serving size of 25 people and up, so the cake won’t look too flat and wide.  2 tiers can range from 25 to 50 servings. The smallest 3 tiers would be for 50 people and start at $350+ tax.

Why do you charge a minimum? 

The cost of custom cakes is mainly determined by labor cost. It takes just as long to do a customized 6” cake as it would for a 9” cake, hence the price is the same. 

Why is there a certain time frame for placing a custom cake order?

Custom cake work takes time, our cakes are baked from scratch and sit on handmade fondant boards.  We ask for a MINIMUM of 1 week’s notice for custom cake work, depending on the level of customization you're looking for. Notice means that we have received payment for the order. Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part! If we are already booked up for a weekend, we will let you know. We often can and do accommodate last-minute requests, but it cannot be guaranteed if you are not within the proper time frame.

Why do I need to place a deposit for my custom order?

For bigger projects, we recommend securing it with a deposit. When we accept your custom cake order, there is a lot that goes into making sure your order gets completed on time. From ordering materials to hand-making pieces, and even turning down other orders to ensure your order is completed to the highest standard. A deposit will let us know you're serious about placing your order and allow us to get the ball rolling to completing your order. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE because the deposit will reserve your event date and labor hours. Deposits are 50% of the total of the custom order. Meaning we turn down other orders, order materials ahead of time, etc, to make sure your order is completed to the highest standard.

Why do cakes need to be paid for in advance?

Since custom cakes are so labor intense we cannot afford to risk someone changing their mind last minute.  We do not start work on any project unless it has been paid in full.

Can I taste cakes before ordering?

We offer to go tastings only at this point. We charge $50 for 5 cake flavors and 5 filling options and require 2-3 days’ notice. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dislikes.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery service for the NYC area, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey.  Fees start at $40 and can go up to $150, depending on location. We do require at least 3 days’ notice to coordinate with the drivers we use. We can’t do a day off requests for delivery.

I sent an email for a custom cake, when will I hear back?

We will try our best to get back to your request within 24 hours, but since we are a small bakery that is not always possible. Please allow for 2 days before you follow up with a phone call. 

Since we also offer the possibility to be contacted by social media and text messages, please stick to one way of contact and don’t double up in different media. It is really confusing, especially since your profile names are sometimes different on different platforms.

Do you do vegan or gluten-free or nut free cakes?

We don’t offer vegan baked goods. All of our recipes include either dairy or eggs.  Most of our recipes are nut-free, but we are not a nut-free environment. We are careful to avoid cross-contamination if we are aware of allergies but can’t guarantee it.  If there are severe allergies, please choose a nut-free bakery. Gluten-free we offer vanilla or chocolate cake only. 

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